Mission & Vision

Update and develop the infrastructure at the University of Bucharest for life sciences as part of EU -RI (LifeWatch, Elter, ICOS, a.s.o)

Establish sites in areas like the Braila Lakes and the Danube Delta to support relevant infrastructure such as Lifewatch, ICOS, eLTER, and Danubius-RI;


The primary mission is to develop and enhance infrastructure components, support research activities in the fields of biodiversity and ecosystem research by giving access to a database and platform for researchers, and provide training in related fields at the University of Bucharest. This initiative operates within the LIFEWATCH-ERIC framework, aligning with European infrastructures in energy, environment, and climate change.

LIFEWATCH aims to promote biodiversity research and make significant contributions towards addressing the most significant environmental challenges by offering knowledge-based solutions to environmental managers for the preservation of biodiversity.

In order to accomplish this goal, a distributed infrastructure is used to provide access to a wide range of data sets, services, and tools that facilitate the creation and management of Virtual Research Environments (VREs) connected to LIFEWATCH, where particular problems associated with biodiversity research and preservation are covered.

The vision is to align Romania’s research infrastructure with other European counterparts, focusing on cross-border entities to address issues in the management of natural capital and fundamental research.

General Objectives:

Develop a high-performance computing infrastructure for integrating, storing, and analyzing data generated in ecosystems and biodiversity research;

Develop research capabilities to facilitate joint data production and:

  1. Create opportunities for knowledge development
  2.  Provide access to data collection using new technologies
  3.  Acquire knowledge for decision support
  4.  Implement training and development programs