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Braila Research Station

 Is now offering a unique combination of ongoing long-term measurements of regional climate, hydrology, nutrients in sediments and water, benthic community structure, aquatic, terrestrial and wetland vegetation structure and productivity, aquatic birds community structure, coupled with more recent developments in monitoring sensors and research infrastructure.

Orsova Research Station

It integrates in an interdisciplinary formula, current techniques and technologies for the production of geographic information collected in the field (digital topography, GNSS) but also through remote sensing/photogrammetry (processing of satellite images, collection and processing of aerial images, bathymetric data collection), in order to produce new methodologies with practical applicability.

Sinaia Research Station

This project ensures the expansion of the integrated research platform at the University of Bucharest, creating a cloud model and enabling interconnection with scientific domain-specific research platforms, positioning the university among renowned European institutions in high-performance computing and aligning with new European development requirements, while facilitating integration with the Lifewatch EU infrastructure.

Sf. Gheorghe Research Station

Enthusiastic group of researchers, dealing with a wide range of coastal topics: coastal landscape evolution (deltaic lobes, barrier spits and islands), coastal geomorphology (beach morphodynamics, foredune development, nearshore sandbars behaviour), coastal climate (storm evolution and impact, climate variability), nearshore hydrodynamics, river mouth behaviour.